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Business Phone Solutions


Having the right phone system set up can have a huge impact on a businesses’ overall performance. Whether your business has 3 or 300 employees, fast and efficient phone lines keep clients happy and ensure efficient internal communication. Maintec Inc. can help you take care of your day to day duties while delivering outstanding customer service.

Phone systems serve a great many needs. You can use your phone service to broadcast your business’ identity to your customers. Whether you wish to implement a voice-operated menu or set up a custom greeting, we can help. By utilizing a cost-saving Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system, we can even set up a dial by name directory, so clients can connect with the right representative in as little time as possible.

That’s not all, a vast majority of consumers say they expect information they relay to an organization to be available in multiple places. Utilizing industry standard software, we can help you personalize your clients’ experiences by sharing information like customer history and data across multiple contact channels.
Below are just a few of the industry standard business phone solutions we provide:

  • Conference calling
  • Name directory and transfers
  • Custom main greeting
  • Unlimited call handling
  • Custom hold music
  • Voicemail and fax to email
  • Call screening and forwarding
  • Business SMS
  • VoIP, IT phone

We are staffed by licensed contractors with decades of experience. For additional information or to set up a consultation, feel free to call or visit our contact page. Our friendly and professional team looks forward to serving you.