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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Installation

CCTV and Home Automation


What could be more valuable than peace of mind and security? Let Maintel Inc. set up your home surveillance and CCTV system, so you can easily monitor who enters and leaves your home or office at all times. Whether you need a residential security system to deter intruders 24/7, or a commercial system to discourage and detect theft and increase productivity in your home or office, let us offer you the comfort of an extra set of eyes.

In the home, covert (hidden or not easily seen) cameras even allow you to keep an eye on home workers such as a babysitter or house cleaner from the vantage point of your television or computer. Our high definition IP surveillance cameras, installed by fully licensed contractors, can be bundled with access control and alarm system services to fully modernize your security system.

Advanced Automation Services

Imagine controlling your home security system, lighting, and home theater system with a smartphone or an Apple iPad. Maintel Inc. proudly offers smart home set up, also known as systems integration. Schedule lights to switch on when you’re away to promote a sense of security, or turn all electronic devices on and off with the press of a button. Shades, blinds, and thermostats can also be operated remotely. These services offer a seamless connection between electronic devices in the home, and can easily be combined with your security system or home theater.

Let our 20 years of experience and licensed contractors modernize your home to your precise specifications. Feel free to visit our contact page or call us today.