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Home Entertainment and Sound System Installation


Whether you are seeking to install a high end audio-visual system in your den or living room for your personal entertainment, or are contemplating a television and sound systems center at your place of business for presentations and special meetings, Maintel Inc. is here to help. We have installed the very finest systems on the market for homeowners and businesses large and small, and our clients agree that the results have been truly first rate.

Today’s consumer, prosumer, and professional audio visual systems offer a level of quality that past generations could never have imagined, and often deliver results that are, in many respects, comparable to what you’ll see and hear at a state-of-the-art movie theater. At the same time, obtaining the full impact of what today’s high-end television and 5.1, 6.0., and 7.1 surround sound systems make possible is often a highly complex task requiring the work of skilled technicians. Maintel Inc. is staffed by licensed contractors and boasts over 20 years of experience in installing these highly advanced systems so as to maximize the visual and acoustic impact of entertainment systems, and ensure that our customers get the most for their audio-visual dollar. In addition to insuring that these systems achieve the very highest level of impact, we are able to provide outstanding integration with home automation and other smart-home features.

If you are considering installing a high-end entertainment system for a home or business setting, or to set up a home theater or video screening room, call Maintel Inc. today. You may also visit our contact page. Our friendly and professional staff is looking forward to serving you.