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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Businesses Can Save Money with Solar Panels

It's the 21st Century and many businesses are realizing that their economic practices have a societal impact. This is why, through recent innovations in green technology, companies show their environmentally-friendly side by switching to sustainable energy. Especially here in Southern California where sunlight is incredibly abundant, these businesses have no excuse to not try out a commercial solar panel installation. Maintel, Inc., located in Los Angeles, happily works with businesses of all kinds in order to create the perfect PV solar system for their needs.

Workplaces generally consume far more energy than homes; as such, business owners will notice greater savings on their energy bills than homeowners. Working with Maintel, Inc., we can calculate the perfect sized solar panel installation to reduce your dependence on energy companies. You'll feel the savings in no time and will eventually pay for the installation many times over. Plus, these systems are meant to last for decades, so your business will be set for a very long time.

Maintel, Inc. also has figured out how to make residential solar panels affordable to homeowners and apartment managers, too. Solar panels will save money on monthly utility bills and, in some cases, will feed into the energy grid, netting money for the homeowners from the power company. Plus, there are many incentives in places by governments and environmental groups to install solar panels; you just have to know where to look. Maintel, Inc. can help you on this process as they are experts in the industry.

Call Maintel, Inc. at 877-MAIN-TEL or visit their contact us page.