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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Maintel, Inc.: A Brighter Future for the World

We want to leave the world in good shape for our children and their children. The same is often true on a smaller scale; homeowners want to leave their houses to the following generations in amazing shape. One way people are doing both these days is through adding residential solar panels to their homes. Based out of Los Angeles, Maintel, Inc. employs many contractors who are extremely knowledgeable about the solar industry and can help you fit the construction of your home or retrofit your current house with an amazing PV solar system.

What's great about a residential solar panel installation is that it is built to last. Many estimate that residential solar panels will last at least 25 years, effectively paying for themselves many times over in the process. When you're ready to pass on your home to your children (or to sell it to move once they're out of your home), then your panels could feasibly still be in place. Alternatively, if you feel the need to replace your panels at that point, then at least the framework of your system will be in place. At Maintel, Inc., we guarantee the longevity of your system, just ask us for details.

At Maintel, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing professional, respectful, and friendly service. After all, we all have the same goal in mind: making the world a better place. We truly believe that anybody who wants to switch to solar power should be able to afford it and we think are prices are incredibly approachable. Please call Maintel, Inc. for a free quote at 877-MAIN-TEL or see our contact page for other ways to reach us.