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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Maintel, Inc. is the Leader in Residential and Commercial Panels

While they seemed almost futuristic for a number of years, today, commercial solar panels are commonplace. In the southwest especially, it is not unusual to see the panels placed on tall skyscrapers and government buildings as a cost-effective way to save energy and decrease utility bills. However, for many, the idea of residential solar panels still seems radical and highly unusual – an unfortunate perspective that Maintel, Inc. is quickly changing.

Though the ability of people to harvest it economically is still relatively new, solar power is in fact the oldest form of power there is, and has been used by farmers since the dawn of agriculture thousands of years ago. Now that the finite nature of fossil fuels and other energy supplies is quickly becoming apparent, it is particularly fortunate that here at Maintel, Inc., we utilize the latest breakthroughs with solar panels that are relatively easy to install and priced so that average Americans can afford them.

The solar power experts at Maintel, Inc. are the leaders in solar panels for eco-conscious residents of Southern California. With an average of more than 300 days of sunlight per year, residential PV solar panels are a particularly good investment in the warm, sunny region. Our panels are designed to bring down the cost of overall power consumption and bring you and your family closer to energy self-sufficiency. In fact, their light-sensitive materials have to power to convert the sun’s rays into power for lights, appliances and gadgets, among other uses.

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