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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Maintel, Inc. Offers Free Consultations on Residential Solar Panels

Some folks are skeptical when we here at Maintel, Inc. claim that they'll save money in the long run by using our Los Angeles solar panels. They are intimidated by the upfront costs of a solar panel installation, which may make the monthly energy bill seem cheap by comparison. However, a consultation with Maintel, Inc. can tell you exactly how much you will save and will give you an estimate for when your residential solar panels will have paid for themselves.

Maintel, Inc. offers these consultations absolutely free because there are so many variables involved in the addition of a PV solar system. Your roof (its age, angle, direction, material, space available, etc.) and your home's energy consumption all can determine how much money you'll save with solar panels. If your roof can't house a panel installation, then there are alternatives; larger properties can set up a ground mounted solar system, for example. At your free consultation, a helpful representative from Maintel, Inc. will survey your roof and property and give recommendations. Solar panel systems can come in various sizes, so we can work out the appropriate one for you. Plus, we offer a free quote at Maintel, Inc., so you can leave your consultation with a ball-park estimate for what switching to solar energy will cost.

Our track record at Maintel, Inc. speaks for itself. Our contract work has made our many customers happy and we hope our solar panels can do the same for you. If you're interested in having a free consultation with us at Maintel, Inc., please call us at 877-MAIN-TEL or go to our contact us page online.